Montague Road, W13

Place Name

Sir Montague Nelson (March 5, 1841 – February 4, 1919), leased Hanger Hill House and 145 acres from 1874. During his time he was the first chairman of Ealing Urban District Council holding the position from 1895, when it was founded, until 1901 when he was made the Charter Mayor of Ealing, in 1892 he held the role of Sheriff of Middlesex. Sir Montague was chairman and managing director of the Australian Chilling and Freezing Company, the Colonial Consignment and Distributing Company. He held extensive business interests in Australia including as director of the Australian Estates and Mortgage Company. He was knighted by Queen Victoria for his work of national importance, in securing an enormous supply of cheap food, for the people of this country from abroad. In retirement he returned to the family seat in Warwick, and was serving as mayor of that town when he died from a seizure, aged 78. It is possible, although less likely, that it may be named after Sir Montagu Sharpe (1856 – 1942) who was a significant figure involved with the Middlesex County Council but he had a greater involvement with Brentford than Ealing.

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