Monkham’s Lane, IG9

Place Name

Also spelt, incorrectly, as Monkhams Lane. Derives from Monekenebukhurst which in 1286 was used to describe an area of Buckhurst, just to the north of Woodford, owned by the monks of Stratford Abbey, having been conveyed to them in 1135 by William de Montfichet. In 1547 it was known as Monnekenhyll; Munchcombe in 1630; and finally in 1843, by its present form. After the dissolution of Stratford Abbey, the estate descended until 1936 when both the original medieval manor, which stood at the south west corner of Lords Bushes, now Farm Way and Farm Close, and the farmhouse, were demolished. Some 176 acres were broken up and converted to housing. An approximation of Monkham’s Lane appears on Chapman and Andre’s 1777 map of Essex leading to Monkham’s Farm. Its course was extended from Farm Way westwards to join the High Road in the 19thCentury. 


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