Monck Street, SW1P

Place Name

Henry Monck was an early 18thCentury benefactor to the local parish serving as an Overseer to the Poor. In 1713 to mark his retirement he presented his fellow Overseers with a small horn box that he had purchased for 4d at the Horn Fair in Plumstead. This was to hold the tobacco for their pipes at meetings. The box was produced at each meeting and a custodian was appointed to keep it safe. The society, out of respect to the donor, had it ornamented with a silver rim, on which his name was engraved. More names were added and when no more could be added a new engraved box was commissioned. Over the years new boxes were bought, each large enough to contain the preceding ones, like a Russian doll. As for the Overseers, in 1900 the Office of Overseer was finally abolished; the duties being absorbed by Westminster City Council.



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