Milner Road, CR7

Place Name

Like many of the nearby roads, this is named after a major figure in the Boer Wars. Named after Alfred Milner (March 23, 1854 – May 13, 1925) the High Commissioner sent to negotiate with the Boer presidents of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State in the run up to the Boer War (1899 – 1902). Trouble began when the mostly British Uitlanders who had come seeking wealth in the gold fields of the Transvaal complained their rights were being restricted by the Boers, who did not allow them to vote. In 1895 they planned a revolt supported by Cecil Rhodes, the diamond magnate. When the revolt failed the Uitlanders appealed to the British government and Milner was sent to talk to the rival leaders. Paul Kruger, president of the Transvaal was willing to make concessions, but Milner refused all compromise. In their final meeting Kruger, recognising that Milner would settle for no less than the transformation of the republics into crown colonies, turned on him with tears in his eyes and exclaimed: “It is our country you want!”. Nearby roads are named Hunter Road, Kitchener Road, and Buller Road.


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