Markhouse Road, E10

Place Name

Originally called Markhouse Lane or Mark House Lane, it was changed to its present name in 1875. It was named after Mark House which stood on the site of the present 214 – 252 Markhouse Road. A small property was recorded as being in the area from the 13thCentury. It changed hands many times, belonging at one time to the nuns of St Helen’s Bishopsgate. The name comes from the Saxon word mearc which means boundary. The house stood beside one of the boundary stones marking the parish boundaries of Leyton and Walthamstow. There used to be two commons in Walthamstow, one was Markhouse common located at the Western end of Queens road. Both open spaces were lost in the 19thCentury when the land was sold to property developers. The house was demolished 1898.

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