Mansfield Avenue, EN4

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In 1787, David Murray (October 9 1727 – September 1, 1796), 7th Viscount of Stormont, later the 2nd Earl of Mansfield, leased a large property called Little Grove in East Barnet from the widow of its former owner Edward Willes. His wife the Viscountess, Louisa Cathcart, who was 30 years his junior, wrote to her cousin Mary Hamilton that year saying: “I hope to get into the Country very soon wch I hope will quite set me up. We have taken a place that belongs to Mrs Willes & is very comfortable with a good deal of ground & where I think I shall find a great deal of amusement.” The couple were clearly happy there for they kept the place until 1794 when following the death of his uncle the Earl of Mansfield, Murray became the 2nd Earl of Mansfield and they moved to Kenwood House in Hampstead. The road was laid out sometime around 1950.

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