Manister Road, SE2

Place Name

Named after Monasteranenagh Cistercian Abbey, which derives its name from Manister an Aonaigh, meaning the monastery of the fair, after a fair that was held in Limerick, Eire, in ancient times. The abbey is better known as plain Manister Abbey. Turlough O’Brien, King of Munster, founded a monastery of Cistercian monks in 1148 dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. In 1540 the monastery was dissolved, although the monks were left in possession of the buildings. In 1579 Sir William Malby led the English in a battle against the Irish and Spaniards. The Spanish and Irish soldiers took shelter in Monasternenagh and the abbot did his best to help but they were defeated. In retaliation for the support, Malby attempted to raze the abbey. The monastery was not destroyed until 1585, when it became the property of Sir Henry Wallop. He plundered and robbed all of its valuables, before destroying the monastery. This street like many others in the immediate area are named after former and working religious houses in a reference to the nearby ruins of Lesnes Abbey which gave Abbey Wood its name.

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