Malmains Close, BR3

Place Name

Named after the Malmaines family who held the seat of the Langley Park estate, which was originally owned by Bishop Odo, half-brother of William the Conqueror. The land was seized by the crown in 1083 following the bishop’s arrest and imprisonment as he planned a military expedition to Rome, possibly in a bid to become Pope. After which the house came into the possession of the Malmaines family, who hailed from Waldershare, near Dover. In the 14thCentury, John de Malmaines was granted a Charter by Edward II to hunt game on his lands at Begenham. The charter of “free warren” was renewed to Henry Malmaines, by Edward III. This street, like others nearby, is named after former owners of the Langley Park estate which had fallen vacant by the start of the 20thCentury. By 1910 the estate was purchase by H & G Taylor Builders who began developing the land. They originally kept the mansion as the club house to their new golf club but it was later destroyed by fire.


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