Loxford Lane, IG1

Place Name

Running adjacent to Loxford Hall. The name Loxford was used to describe this area from at least 1319. It comes from the personal name Locc, and therefore literally means Locc’s Ford, the original crossing no doubt being on Loxford Water, a tributary of the River Roding. However, it has also been suggested that the name could refer to a winding stream. The street was built on land once part of the medieval Loxford estate, part of the property of Barking Abbey, which in 1609 amounted to about 250 acres. By the end of the 19thCentury, the estate started to be broken up to make way for housing. Much of the former estate is occupied today by Loxford Park, public allotments and a council depot. When the estate was broken up Loxford Hall, which dates from about 1830, was bought by Walter Mills. It remained as farmland until the 1920s. The kink in the road probably reflects the high water mark of the flood levels.







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