Lovell Road, EN1

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Recalling Sir Thomas Lovell (died 1524), Knight of the Garter, speaker of the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Constable of the Tower and Steward of the Royal Household who owned Elsyng Manor. The house and estate had previously belonged to Thomas, Lord Ros, also spelt de Roos, and later his son Edmund. In 1492 Edmund was declared insane, following a petition from his sister Isabel, wife of Sir Thomas, to Parliament stating that he was “not of sufficient discretion to guide himself and his livelihood; nor able to serve his sovereign after his duty” and asking that her husband “might have the guidance and governance of the said Edmund” and all his property. An Act of Parliament was passed giving full powers to Sir Thomas over the person and property of Lord Ros, and entire possession of the latter at his death upon trust for the other relatives of Lord Ros. Thus Lovell gained custody of the estate and made Elsyng his residence. He carried out substantial alterations to the property, including a royal suite built for the use of Henry VII who visited twice in 1497 and 1498.

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