Llanthony Road, SM4


Llanthony Priory is a former Augustinian priory founded in 1100 in the Vale of Ewyas, Wales. The name is a corruption of the Welsh Llanddewi Nant Honddu, meaning The church of St David on the Honddu brook. It it said to have been founded by the Norman nobleman Walter de Lacy on the site of an earlier chapel to St David. De Lacy was joined by Ersinius, a former chaplain to Queen Matilda and other followers, and the first church was consecrated in 1108. However, from about 1118, having been populated by a group of English monks and seen as a symbol of the Norman establishment, the priory was constantly being raided by the Welsh and in decline. In 1481 it was formally merged with its daughter monastery at Gloucester, then was later suppressed by Henry VIII during his cull of the monasteries. Like many of the roads on the St Helier’s estate this is named after British monasteries and abbeys in remembrance of the area’s historic ownership by Westminster Abbey. The road names are in alphabetical order, of which Aberconway Road in the north west of the estate is first.

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