Layard Street, E20

Place Name

Named after Stratford born, Nina Layard (1853 – August 12, 1935), a botanist, antiquary, archaeologist, poet and prehistorian, who made many important discoveries in her field. An explanation behind the road name reads: “Poet, prehistorian, botanist, archaeologist and antiquary born in Stratford who made many important discoveries and paved the way for women in her field of expertise. A radical free-thinker, she accumulated many firsts, including being one of the first women to be admitted as Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and one of the first women to present to any professional body in England. She showed no interest in traditional Victorian marriage, instead finding a partner and scientific collaborator Mary Frances Outman, living together for the rest of their lives. Nina’s methods were modern and highly detailed, making her one of the founders of modern archaeological techniques.”


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