Khartoum Road, SW17

Place Name

Named after General Charles George Gordon’s mission in Sudan to evacuate Egyptians from the city in 1883. Sudan was under Egyptian rule at the time and Egypt was a British protectorate. When he arrived in Khartoum, Gordon decided to disobey his orders to remove the garrison and evacuate the civilians. Instead he tried to defend the city from the on coming Mahdist forces, who were trying to throw off Egyptian rule in their country. Gordon’s aggressive policies won favour among the British public but were not supported by William Gladstone’s government. He was killed when Khartoum was overrun by the Sudanese January 26, 1885, before reinforcements could arrive. Gordon and his futile endeavour became a popular name among developers of the time. The colonial age of the missionary was strongly identified in this area and there is also a Khama Street and Moffat Road nearby.

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