Kemnal Road, BR7

Place Name

The origin of this road’s name dates back to 1250 in deeds that referred to the estate of Alexander of Chomehole and his wife Matilda. Over the ensuing centuries the name became corrupted to produce various spellings Cunehale, Kimehole, Kimenhale, Kymenhole, Kemenhole, and Keminghole. Locally this was contracted to Kemnall and in the 1870s gave its name to a new property Kemnal Manor, which was rebuilt a number of times before being destroyed by fire in 1964. Up until 1871, it was consistently referred to in legal documents held at New College, Oxford as Keminghole. However, it was also known as Keming Hall. In the 19thCentury the use of the name Kemnal became more common in documents, including letters and valuations, with references to Kemnal Park, Kemnal Mansion and Kemnal House.

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