Jim Veal Drive, N7

Place name

Jim Veal (1931 – 2006) was chairman of the Tenants & Residents Association whose long-running campaign for the redevelopment of the rundown Caledonian Market Estate, eventually paid off. By the late 1980s the estate was blighted by serious problems of anti-social behaviour including arson in rubbish chutes, destruction of security measures, smashed windows, and entrances torn down. The estate and park also attracted joy riders, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Veal with fellow campaigner Sharon Jobe argued for improvements and their fight, which lasted more than two decades, led to the creation, from 2005, of new homes for the local community, which were built by Southern Housing Group and renamed the Parkside Estate. This street was ironically, given Mr Veal’s name, laid out over the site of the former Metropolitan Cattle Market.



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