Jack Walker Court, N5

Place name

Jack Walker (April 26, 1922 – September 6, 1975) was a former councillor Islington Council, he died a few months after serving as the borough’s mayor. He was born in Gawber, Barnsley, and when the Second World War broke out was enlisted first as a Bevan Boy, helping to maintain the country’s stock of coal, and later in the RAF where he served as a nurse in Iraq, Egypt and Palestine. At the end of the war he briefly took up nursing in north London, and married his wartime pen pal Elsie Elizabeth Layton. He later joined Royal Mail becoming a union rep and a member of the Labour Party. In 1961 he became local councillor, sharing a ward with Jack Straw who was later senior cabinet minister. Did a lot of charity work for the mentally ill, and children with learning disorders as well as sitting on local health committees. In 1974 he was elected Mayor. He died in Islington.


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