Hornbeam Way, BR2

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One of a small cluster of roads, on the former Coppice Estate, named after trees. Before development this had been New Wood Coppice, an area of woodland in which the trees are cut back to ground level to stimulate growth and provide firewood or timber, particularly thinner stems that are good for fencing. Others on the estate include Almond Way, Laburnum Way, Birch Row, Larch Way, Ash Row, Whitebeam Avenue, and Almond Close. The estate, which was originally built as social housing, between the wars and extended afterwards.

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2 thoughts on “Hornbeam Way, BR2”

    1. Hello Mary, thank you very much for your comment.

      We took our information from Bromley’s consultation portal which can be found here: https://bromley-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/cs/csissues?pointId=s1304523841182. It states: “ The Coppice Estate is a distinct area of predominantly family housing built between the world wars as social housing with some shops and small greens. The Turpington Estate lies to the western boundary of the area with Bromley Common.”

      However, having seen the aerial photo of development from 1948 – showing a building site, we are sure you are right. If you have any more information/photos that you would care to share with us, that would be great. You can email us at tony@londonstreetguide.com. Please let us know either way.

      Because there are quite a few to change, I’ll wait for you to come back… and if not, will make the amendments next week.

      Thank you so, much again. We really appreciate you taking the time.

      Harriet and Tony

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