Gough Street, WC1X

Place Name

Sir Richard Gough (died 1728), was a wool merchant who in 1706 bought the three northernmost fields of the former manor of Portpool from Dame Amy Robinson and her son. Dry John’s Field, Middlefield and Old Merchant Field made up some 35 acres. Sir Richard, who was knighted after making a fortune trading with India and China, was succeeded by his son, Sir Henry, who married Barbara Calthorpe. In 1745, Sir Henry leased the three fields to a bricklayer Daniel Harrison of St Pancras, and development of the area began. Under the terms of his brother-in-law’s will, their son also called Sir Henry changed his surname to Calthorpe in 1796, becoming the 1st Baron Calthorpe. The St Pancras property became known as the Calthorpe estate.


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