Goldings Road, IG10

place name

Goldings Manor, after which this street is named, once stood to the north of Clay Lane on land occupied today by four residential streets: Broadstood, Campions, Garden Way and Stanmore Way. Its name preserves that of its medieval tenant, John Goldyng, recorded in tax rolls dating to 1320. The house is shown on a 1777 map of Essex in the possession of Richard Lomax Clay. It was the centre of a small estate built up by Clay and his father, also Richard Clay, a London draper. The house was rebuilt on a large scale in the 19thCentury but destroyed by a German land mine in 1940, though a stable block known as Stanmores survived. A small modern house of red brick was built on its site. There was also a Goldings Hill Farm, opposite Goldings Hill Pond where Rudyard Kipling stayed as a boy. This street was laid out in 1945 as part of the Debden housing development by London County Council.

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