Gilroy Close, RM13

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George Gilroy (June 1, 1914 – March 25, 1995) was a pilot officer  stationed at Hornchurch during World War Two. In August 1940 he was shot down over Ilford. He baled out but was attacked by civilians who mistook him for a German parachutist until he was rescued by a woman bus conductor who recognised his RAF uniform. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he signed up in 1938 and was called in for training the following year within months he had notched up his first kill when he shared in destroying a He111 over the Firth of Forth on October 28, 1939, the first enemy aircraft to crash on British soil in the war. He was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). After serving in France and Africa, he was promoted to Group Captain and returned to the UK, in November 1943.

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