Ford Close, HA1

Place Name

Lionel George Bridges Justice Ford (September 3, 1865 – March 27, 1932) was an Anglican priest who was headmaster of Harrow School between 1910 and 1925, having previously been in the same role at Repton School. He was not a popular figure, for he set about “making the boys work harder. He is said to have relied the timetable an “insisting that the mornings should be devoted to lessons, where hitherto there had been spacious periods intended for preparation and used for games.” He also set about ensuring that all boys were taught science, rather than rely on classics alone. He left to become  the Dean at York, a post he was to hold until his death on Easter Sunday seven years later. He came from a cricket playing family his father, William Augustus Ford, had played cricket for the Marylebone Cricket Club and his brother Francis Ford played cricket for England. His son Neville Ford played for Derbyshire.



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