Epping New Road, IG10

Place Name

Directional, part of the A104 between Islington Green and Epping. In the early 18thCentury the road from London to Woodford was a relatively easy journey, though beyond Woodford it became increasingly more difficult. In 1721 the Middlesex and Essex turnpike trust was established to make major infrastructure improvements, developing the road from Whitechapel to the end of Woodford. Such was the success of the project that in 1736, the trust took control over the lower section of the road too. Woodford New Road, from Walthamstow to Woodford Wells was built in 1828, and a few years later in 1834 the Epping New Road was built by the Epping and Ongar Highway Trust. The name Epping appears in the Domesday Book of 1086. It comes from the Old English word yppe meaning a raised place or high up look out and ing meaning people. The suffix New is literal.

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