Engayne Gardens, RM14

Place Name

Gaines Manor was held by the Engayne family until 1367. Vitalis (Viel) D’Engayne owned the estate from 1218. He was the son and heir of William de Courtenay who in 1215 joined with the barons against King John after the monarch seized the property and granted it to William de Cantilupe. However they were restored in 1217. John and Henry Engayne inherited the estate from their father Viel and in 1297 John Engayne (later Lord Engayne) inherited it in turn from his father of the same name. The manor remained in the family until the death of the last male, Sir Thomas Engayne, in 1367. The estate eventually formed part of the Upminster Hall estate which was bought by the Branfill family in the 17thCentury. In the early part of the 20thCentury the family sold off part of the land to the developer WP (Peter) Griggs who from 1906 built the Upminster Garden Suburb. This road was laid out in 1907.


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