East Dulwich Road, SE22

Place Name

The manor of Dulwich was divided into two in the 14thCentury with Est Dilewissh being recorded in 1340 when it was sickle to John Leverich by William Mabuhs. Formerly known as the High Street it changed sometime before 1939. The name Dulwich comes from two Old English words meaning marshy land where dill grows. It was first recorded before the Norman Conquest as Dilwihs in an Anglo-Saxon charter of AD967, when Edgar the Peaceful granted Dilwihs to a thane named Earl Aelfheah. The herb, Anethum graveolens, was used from Anglo-Saxon times for medicinal purposes and so would have been cultivated. In 1127 it was recorded as Dilwiche, Dilewisse in 1210 and Dulwyche in 1555. The road links East Dulwich to Nunhead and runs along along Goose Green open space. Its mostly large prosperous Victorian houses were built in 1889.

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