Dericote Street, E8

Place Name

Named in 1883 to commemorate Arthur Dericote, a prominent Hackney resident, who died on November 12, 1562. Despite being married four times he had only one surviving child. The following inscription was written on his memorial:

Here under lyeth Arthur Dericote,

Who buried was of late:

Of London sometime citizen,

And of the esquires state;

Of drapers whilome company,

but late of Hackney town,

a parishioner he was full good;

or vice he laid it down.

Wives for by marriage he had,

that lawful was and right,

Mary, Anne, and Margaret,

and Jone, the fourth she hight.

By whom two children here he had,

and ended then his life,

the twelfth day of November month,

one child alive and wife,

A thousand and five hundred

And sixty years and two

since Christ his incarnation

again to live anew.

God grant to Christians all of life

such race to run that at the length

they may receive

Of Christ a joyful doom.

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