Daniell Way, CR0

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John Frederic Daniell (March 12, 1790 – March 13, 1845) probably has a better claim than many for having a Croydon street named after him. Principally he has been given the honour here as a chemist and physicist who helped the invention of the battery with his Daniell cell. Like other streets nearby this was laid out over the site of the old Croydon B power station, in Valley Park Croydon where the roads have a connection with the development of electricity, others include Ampere Way, Faraday Way, Franklin Way, Kelvin Gardens, and Volta Way. But unlike many of the eminent names mentioned, Daniell also has a more local connection. In 1831, he became the first professor of chemistry at the newly founded King’s College London; and in 1835 he was appointed to the equivalent post at the East India Company’s Military Seminary at Addiscombe, then in Surrey.

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