Crumpsall Street, SE2

Place Name

Crumpsall Biscuit Works opened near Manchester, sometime around 1873, and became famous for its jammie dodgers and custard creams. It was the first factory of the Cooperative Wholesale Society (CWS) and boasted of being “the only 8 hour day biscuit works in England” and had numerous facilities for its employees including sports clubs; tennis courts; a bowling green; a recreation ground; a subsidised dining room for over 600 people; a library; and board and card games. The works also stated that girls, however young, were started at no less than 6 shillings a week, and that they were only employed to do girls’ work and not to save the expense of employing men. The factory was demolished in the early 1980s. This street, like others on the Bostall Estate, is named after key figures and achievements of the Cooperative movement. The Bostall Estate was laid out from 1900 by the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Ltd. Crumpsall itself is thought to mean a crooked piece of land by the river.

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