Crescent Row, EC1Y

Place name

This has undergone many name changes in the past few centuries. It was originally a particularly wide bend leading from the Aldersgate Street (this section was later named Goswell Street) into Old Street. Sometime before 1600 a speculator built a small row of houses, leaving a narrow alley. This in turn took on many names on the south side over the passing years including, Ragged Row and Rotten Row in 1728; and Middle Row in 1855. It eventually settled for its present name, which is descriptive, in 1912.

Ralph Agas’s woodcut map of London from 1561 shows just how wide the bend was
John Rocque’s Map of 1746 shows the present day Crescent Row as Rotten Row (to the North) and Ragged Row (to the South)
William Horwood’s Plan of London 1792 – 1799 shows the same corner but now Rotten Row has returned to its former name Old Street and Ragged Row has been lost
OS Map published in 1916 shows it as Middle Row although it had changed to Crescent Row a few years before

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