Clement Road, BR3

Place Name

Named after Clement Ravenscroft who took over management of the Birkbeck Bank on his father’s death in 1902. Building developments on the Birkbeck Estate began in the 1870s and many of the roads were named after people who were associated with the Freehold Land Society. However problems with the lack of sewer to the estate meant that some of the roads, such as this one were not developed until after the First World War. The reason why Clement and Seward Roads are the only direct links between Churchfields and Blandford Roads is that they were formed on the only plot of land owned by the Birkbeck Estate which had a frontage to Churchfields Road; land on either side of this plot never formed part of the estate, which explains why Sultan Street and Blandford Avenue are cul-de-sacs.

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