Cheyne Park Drive, BR4

Place Name

Indirectly named after, the arguably more famous, Cheyne Walk, in Chelsea. Sometime around 1925 the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers, a charitable group of beer drinkers bought the old Victorian mansion, Stramshall Lodge, on Woodland Way. During the Second World War the Cheyne Hospital for Children, on Cheyne Walk, was bombed causing serious damage to the wards and an operating theatre. Fortunately, the young patients had already been evacuated to Sevenoaks. The Chelsea Hospital continued to be used for specialist medical treatment but in 1975 it began using Stramshall Lodge as well, hence the name of the street. The West Wickham unit was gradually reduced until the old house and the original hospital wards were no longer useful and it was then redeveloped as the Cheyne Park Close housing estate.


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