Carshalton Road, SM5

PLace name

Directional, the road to the town of Carshalton in the London Borough of Sutton. One of the headsprings of the River Wandle is nearby and it is from this spring that we get “spring side farm where cress grows.” The original place name was ǣwiell -tūn from the Old English elements æwiell meaning river source, and tūn being the old word for town. In AD675 it appears as Æuueltone, two hundred years later in about AD880 it is Aweltune, and by the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Aulton. Later the element cress, from the Old English cærse, was added, possibly to distinguish it from other Altons and referencing the fields of cress that are noted in the area from as far back as the 13thCentury. Cresaulton was first mentioned in 1235. Today, the road is part of the A232 between Ewell and the A224 Orpington bypass.


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