Capel Road, E7

Place Name

Thought to be named after Sir Henry Capell (sometimes spelled Capel) who in 1680 bought the deeds to Forest House from the Countess of Norwich, who had found herself in financial difficulties, on the grounds that she could continue living there until her death. Fortunately for Sir Henry and his wife, Dorothy, the countess died a few months later. She was buried in the churchyard at Leyton. After her death Sir Henry paid off all the deceased woman’s debts and was able to establish a clear title to the ownership of the Forest House and grounds which by then comprised 40 acres. Sir Henry later sold the whole estate to James Houblon. It was originally known as Duncans Road, after a local stonemason, who lived in a building now under the Alexandra Lake, but changed to its present name in the 1870s.

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