Camlet Way, EN4

Place Name

Camlet Way was first mentioned in 1658 and named after an ancient site called Camlet Moat, which itself is a corruption of Camelot from Arthurian legend. It has been claimed that the site of King Arthur’s fabled castle was in fact in Enfield. Excavations are said to have revealed remains of stone foundations and Roman artefacts pointing at a heritage older than that of the Norman baron Geoffrey de Mandeville with whom it had been previously associated. In 1440, a house called the manor of Camelot was apparently knocked down and the materials used to pay for repairs to Hertford Castle. In 1773, the site is described as “the ruins and rubbish of an ancient house”. Later sources also refer to a well situated in the north-east corner and evidence for wooden beams or foundations. The site is marked as Camlet Moat.

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