Butler Road, HA1

Place Name

Henry Montagu Butler (July 2, 1833 – January 14, 1918) served, like his father, as the headmaster of Harrow School between 1859 and 1885. He is credited with being an energetic master radically reforming and modernising the school’s curriculum, turning it from a backward 17thCentury institution into a well-equipped contemporary school. Under his leadership he is said to have influenced many young men, including Stanley Baldwin (Prime Minister), Lord Davidson (Archbishop of Canterbury), Galsworthy of the Forsyte Saga, 10 bishops, 17 judges, 4 viceroys, 12 governors, 12 ambassadors, 33 privy councillors, and 64 generals. He left to become Master of Trinity College, Cambridge in 1886. This is one of a cluster of streets named after teachers and headmasters at the school: Edward Ernest Bowen (about 1885 – 1901); Joseph Drury (1785 – 1805); Charles Vaughan (1845 – 1859); Benjamin Heath (1771 – 1785); and, Robert Carey Sumner (1760 – 1771).

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