Buntingbridge Road, IG2

Place name

It doesn’t look like much of a bridge today but before it was paved over in the early years of the 20thCentury, this road did once lead to a river crossing. Bunting Bridge, formerly Bunters Bridge, stood at the junction of Horns Road crossing the Cranbrook stream. The northern parts of this tributary of the River Roding, were called Buntons Brook in documents from 1456 after a local family and it is from here that the crossing got its name. When this road was being developed as part of the Birkbeck estate in 1870s it was still very much in an isolated rural setting with both the stream and the bridge still in evidence. This road stopped at the stream and on the northern western continuation (today’s Hamilton Avenue) remained a footpath until it was developed sometime in the 1920s.

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