Buller Road, IG11


General Sir Redvers Buller (December 7, 1839 – June 2, 1908) was a military man who distinguished himself during the Second Boer War, leading British forces against Louis Botha’s Boer army to win the Battle of Tugela Heights, which ran from February 14 until February 27, 1900. His victory lifted the Siege of Ladysmith and made him a popular military leader amongst the British public. He had a triumphal return from South Africa with many public celebrations including those on November 10, 1900, when he went to Aldershot to resume his role as General Officer Commanding Aldershot District, later to be remembered as “a Buller day”. This is one of a small cluster of local streets named after key individuals of the war. It was laid out in the early 20thCentury on open land just north of Barking marshes.


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