Bridgeman Road, N1

Place Name

Bridgeman Road, Islington, St Andrew’s Church

Originally John Street between 1819 and 1897 when it was changed to Lofting Road. Corruption of Reverend Arthur John Bridgman, who served St Andrew’s Church, in Thornhill Square, for a total of 23 years.  The first three as Curate-in-Charge, a position he took up in 1870. He was evidentially a popular figure among the parishioners, who gave him an engraved salver for his work as well as appointing him only the second Vicar of the parish. It was a post he held for the next two decades. On November 26, 1973 the GLC issued an order of to take effect from January 1st, 1974, “that part of Lofting Road between Hemingford and Caledonian road” be changed, probably to end confusion by Lofting Road crossing the main Hemingford Road. The road’s name is occasionally mistakenly attributed to the Reverend Honourable John Robert Orlando Bridgeman.




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