Biggerstaff Street, N4

Place name

Named after one or possibly two John Biggerstaffs, a father and son, who were both vestry clerks of the Parish of St Mary Islington. John Biggerstaff senior (1731 – December 29, 1804) held the position for 37 years between 1767 until his death. A tablet was erected at the chancel of Islington Church in his honour reading: “To the memory of Mr John Biggerstaff, Sen; late vestry clerk of the parish; who died 29th of Dec 1804; in the 73rd year of his age; After serving his office with great integrity and ability upwards of 37 years, so truly esteemed and so sincerely lamented by the parishioners that they voted unanimously on Easter Tuesday 1805 for the erection of this tablet.” His son who was joint vestry clerk, a vestry being a prototype parish council, died just two years later. The street was laid out sometime around 1857 and originally named Paddington Street until 1938.

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