Beaumont Place, WC1E


Joseph Beaumont was a local builder who leased and developed this former farmland sometime around 1791. It was originally part of Home Field, used for pasture and the site of a cattle lier by the Fitzroy family, dukes of Grafton. The field was part of their extensive manor of Tottenham Court, which they had owned since the 17thCentury.  The original street, which ran south from Euston Road to Tottenham Place, disappeared under the new buildings of University College Hospital in the 20thCentury. Today it occupies what was originally Tottenham Place, and then turns south towards Grafton Street East, possibly continuing the line of the original street south. In 1829 a Mr Laxton was selling marble chimney pieces from number 6. The Bloomsbury part of the Fitzroy estate was developed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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