Barnardo Drive, IG6

Place name

Thomas John Barnardo (July 4, 1845 – September 19, 1905) was the radical Victorian philanthropist and founder of homes for poor children. As a student doctor training at London Hospital, he was shocked to find children living in terrible conditions, with no access to education. Compelled to help, his first step in 1867 was to set up a ragged school where children could get a free basic education. A home for boys followed in 1870 and, after marrying Syrie Louise Elmslie, a home for girls in Barkingside, called the girls’ village was opened in 1876. By 1900 the village had 65 cottages, a school, a hospital and a church, providing for up to 1500 girls. This street was laid out on the site of the village after 1898.




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