Bacon’s Lane, N6

Place Name

Francis Bacon (January 22, 1561 – April 9, 1626), 1st Viscount St Alban, was a philosopher, a scientist and an essayist, who served as both Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. He was an MP for several south west constituencies, and an advisor and favourite of monarchs. By this road was so-called because he died while staying at Lord Arundel’s mansion on April 9, 1626 after developing pneumonia. He had caught a chill while experimenting with refrigeration, having stuffed a chicken with snow to see if it would preserve the meat. According to the account in John Aubrey’s Brief Lives: “The Snow so chilled him that he immediately fell so extremely ill, that he could not return to his Lodging … but went to the Earle of Arundel’s house at Highgate, where they put him into… a damp bed that had not been layn-in… which gave him such a cold that in 2 or 3 days as I remember Mr Hobbes told me, he died of Suffocation.”

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