Arran Walk, N1

Place name

Isle of Arran in Buteshire, Firth of Clyde. The origin of the name has been lost in time but is thought to mean the high place. This is one of a cluster of streets and flats on the Marquess estate that are named after British islands, others include Handa Walk, Islay Walk, and Ramsey Walk. This was completed around 1976 and is roughly where Marquess Grove used to stand. The full list of block names and when they were completed: Arran Walk 1973, Bardsey Walk 1977, Bute Walk 1974.Caldy Walk 1973/7, Cardigan Walk 1977, Crowline Walk 1975/7, Gulland Walk 1975/7, Handa Walk 1975/6, Islay Walk 1973, Lismore Walk 1977/8 Lundy Walk 1974, Mull Walk 1977/9, Oronsay Walk 1974/6, Ramsey Walk 1976/9, Rathlin Walk 1974, Rona Walk 1978, Scarba Walk 1974/6, Sheppey Walk 1976,Shuna Walk 1975 Skomer Walk 1974/7,Taransay Walk 1975, Upper Bardsey Walk 1977, Upper Caldy Walk 1974, Upper Gulland Walk 1974/7, Upper Handa Walk 1975/7, Upper Lismore Walk 1977, Upper Ramsey Walk 1978, Upper Sheppey Walk 1975/6, Walney Walk 1977. The estate was officially opened on March 7, 1975 by the then prime minister Harold Wilson he was escorted by councillor Jack Walker, who was serving as mayor.

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