Arcadian Avenue, DA5

Place name

One of a cluster of streets relating to Arcadia, a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The term is derived from the Greek province of the same name which dates to antiquity; the province’s mountainous topography and sparse population of pastoralists later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. Arcadian Avenue follows the course of an old track on land belonging to and part of the Blendon Hall estate which was owned, and named after, the Bladindon family. Blendon Hall was built in 1763, but was sold to a local housing developer in 1929 and eventually demolished to make way for suburban housing. Developers likely chose the name to reflect the pastoral nature of the land and conjure up images of the countryside ideal. See Arcadian Road, Arcadian Close and Blendon Road.


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