Ampere Way, CR0

Place Name

André-Marie Ampère (January 20, 1775 – June 10, 1836) was a French physicist and mathematician who was one of the founders of the science of classical electromagnetism, which he referred to as “electrodynamics”. He was also the inventor of numerous applications, such as the solenoid and the electrical telegraph. His intelligence was obvious from an early age and by 12 he was teaching himself advanced mathematics. His father was guillotined during the French Revolution. Ampère was a member of the French Academy of Sciences and professor at the École polytechnique and the Collège de France. Like the other streets nearby this was laid out over the site of the old Croydon B power station, in Valley Park Croydon where the roads have a connection with the development of electricity. The others are: Faraday Way, Franklin Way, Hesterman Way, Kelvin Gardens, and Volta Way.


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