Allhallows Lane, EC4R

Place Name

Named after the Church of All Hallows the Great, which had various suffixes in its time including …at the Hay, …in La Corderie, …in the Ropery, and …the More. The church was first mentioned in 1235 and rebuilt in 1629 only to be destroyed in the Great Fire and rebuilt again in 1670 (its sister church All Hallows the Less was also destroyed but not rebuilt after the fire). All Hallows the Great was demolished in 1894, some 18 years after its tower had been taken down to widen Upper Thames Street. The lane itself led down to All-hallows Lane stairs and pier and itself went by various names among them was Alhalloes Lane alias Hay Wharfe Lane. John Stow in his Survey of London called it Church Lane.

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