Albyfield, BR1

Place Name

Named after the nearby manor house called Albyfield which was built in 1878 as home for John Scott. Reporting his death in May 1899, the Whitehaven News reported the shawl manufacturer and warehouseman grew up in Albyfield, Cumberland. It reported: “He went to London in his boyhood, with the proverbial half-crown in his pocket, given him by his mother, and he became assistant in the warehouse in Cannon-street, of which he eventually became the head. His career was one of great success. He took great interest in young men from Cumberland who settled in London, and he was the mainstay of the Cumberland Benevolent Institution in the metropolis, acting as its treasurer and trustee.” As well as Albyfield he had another residence built in Wetheral, Cumbria, where he resided every autumn. One of his sons was the vicar of St Mary’s, Paddington, and was honorary secretary and chaplain of the Cumberland Benevolent Institution. The property later became the West Kent Country Club and, since 1966, a hotel and fine dining restaurant that was owned and run by Joseph Mourat.

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