Addiscombe Court Road, CR0


The East Croydon Community Organisation says that in 1872 a Thomas Benjamin Muggeridge was living in a house called Addiscombe Court, on Addiscombe Road (at the time called Upper Addiscombe Road), between the corner of a lane into a field and the premises of W Flower, a beer retailer (later The Cricketers). The Muggeridges had lived in a house on the site as early as 1855, when the family was headed by Edward, a corn merchant. The street was built following the line of the lane, and took the name of the property. Houses are listed on it for the first time in 1906. The adjacent Addiscombe Road is earlier, first appearing on a map of 1594, it connected the town of Croydon with the hamlet of Addiscombe to the east (on the corner of today’s Sandilands). Addiscombe itself comes from an Anglo-Saxon personal name Eadda or Æddi’s and the word camp, meaning an enclosed area in Old English, literally’s Eadda or Æddi’s camp. It was mentioned in records as Edescamp in 1229. John Field in Place-Names of Greater London speculates that since the towns of Addington and Addiscombe are close by, it may be that one person owned them both.

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