Tillett Way, E2

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Commemorating the life of the great dockers’ union leader Benjamin (Ben) Tillett (September 11, 1860 – January 27, 1943). He played a major role in founding the Dockers Union and the dockers’ strike of AD1899 saw a 1d (1p) rise to 6d (6p) her hour in basic workers’ pay – the s0-called Dockers’ Tanner – and 2d (2p) rise to 8d (8p) in overtime pay. He became an¬†alderman on the London County Council from AD1892 to AD1898 and was a Labour Party Member of Parliament for Salford North from AD1917 to AD1924 and again from AD1929 to AD1931. He also played a prominent role as a strike leader in dock strikes in AD1911 and AD1912.

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