Scadbury Gardens, BR5

Place Name

It has been suggested that Scadbury first recorded in legal documents as Scadebir’ in AD1254 and later written as Scadbery, comes from the Old English Sceaða meaning the manor of thieves or criminals. This however is a rather fanciful idea, it is in fact named after the de Scathebury who become resident Lords of the Manor of Scadbury by the mid-13thCentury. There is evidence of a manor house being here much earlier. By AD1301 the de Scathebury family had prospered with John de Scathebury becoming the richest man in the parish of Chislehurst. His accumulated wealth being being valued for at £22 3s, far outstripping, the next wealthiest Hornchurch Priory, their valuation being £6 10s 2d. John de Scathebury’s son, also called John, married Christina de Hadresham (from a wealthy Surrey family), but he died childless. Christina re-married, and in AD1369 Scadbury Manor was sold to John de Hadresham, thought to be her nephew, for 100 marks of silver.  There is no mention of the manor until AD1425, when it was sold to Thomas Walsingham and his wife Margaret.


1597 Queen Elizabeth I visits Scadbury.


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